Our Story

These vintage-style poster-prints were created by artist and naturalist Duncan Butchart. They are, in many ways, a culmination of his life story: his fascination and concern with Africa’s wild places; his work in 11 countries and exploration of over 70 national parks; his personal art journey, that began with his keen interest in birds and ended with the rekindling of his love for Hergé’s ‘The Adventures of Tintin’ from when he was a child. Today they stand as his legacy and paint the picture of the incredible and inspiring life that he led.

Nature Works, the business responsible for the care, distribution, and growth of these designs, is now being run and maintained by his daughter, Lily Butchart, after Duncan Butchart’s tragic passing in 2021. Lily continues to maintain the sale of his work and facilitate the development of his business in the hopes that his aspirations for his art can still be realised.

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